Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a space and bring my class to the ILH?

Absolutely! We want to utilise this great space to it’s potential. Having said that, it is essential to ensure there is enough space and adequate materials to facilitate the successful use of the Learning Hub. We will utilise Daymap and all bookable options will be available through this system. This includes a Learning Hub teacher, different spaces and tools/resources.

The Learning Hub can be utilised in several ways which you will be able to choose through the booking process. Here are some of the possible options;

  1. Project Based Learning(PBL)/Inquiry Based Learning (IBL)/Unit of Work: Utilising the Learning Hub lead teachers to support/develop/implement a project/inquiry based learning opportunity that will run over multiple lessons. This will require some pre-planning so please indicate your interest in advance to ensure adequate time can be spent to co-plan the learning.  We are extremely excited about developing these opportunities collaboratively and know that any team planning will have great dividends, so get in quick!

  1. Spotlight lesson: This is a single/double lesson where you are seeking the support of a Learning Hub lead teacher to deliver or support a session based on a concept, skill or digital pedagogy.

  1. Drop-in: This would be a lesson where you would like to utilise the space and resources to deliver a lesson without the support of a Hub Lead Teacher.  This could be an individual class or a combined class lesson. We are hoping that the space will be in high demand, so it is essential that “Drop-ins” be booked to ensure the space is used effectively.


How do I get involved?

Come and find us! We are extremely excited about the opportunity to develop learning experiences for our students together. Is there an idea that you have been interested in exploring but not had the time to develop? This would be a great opportunity to share the workload and get it off the ground and running. No idea is too far-fetched, “innovative” is “new” and “better” and requires some risk taking so go for it!

Can I send my student/s to you for help on an assignment?

This is something that will evolve over time as we see how the space and teaching in the Learning Hub develops.  At this stage it would be a challenge to expect a lead teacher to support an individual student on work whilst team teaching or supporting a class. It would be preferable at this point if students were booked in as a group (at least 5)  under the “Spotlight Lesson” where a specific skill or concept was identified in advance.  The hope would be that these students could become “experts” in the skills to, in the future, support other classmates.

Can we bring resources out of the space?

In an attempt to ensure the Hub is resourced effectively for teachers and students utilising the space, we suggest that at this point no digital devices will be removed from the Hub. To ensure that classes still have access to laptops and iPads in classrooms, these will be available and stored in faculty areas for booking. Again, this is something we will have to evaluate over time to ensure staff and students have access to devices.

We intend to have stationary and physical resources to use in the Hub. To ensure they are always available we ask that none of these resources are removed from the space.

There will of course be a collection of non-fiction and fiction books still available for borrowing and the book room will stock all class sets and texts.


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