Teaching Resources

Below you will find links to resources that have been shared by the Learning Hub Team.

Feedback for Learning:

Feedback for Learning Ideas 


Research Skills:

Research Skills @ WSS – Google Drive folder with scaffolds, documents and presentations

Team Teaching:

Team Teaching Resources – Resources folder including presentation by Sally Nadebaum

Team Teaching Strategies doc.

New ways of working – Team Teaching pdf.


Inquiry Based Learning:

Inquiry Based Learning Presentation by Rhoni McFarlane

DevelopingInquiryQuestions – infographic

Examples of inquiry questions


Project Based Learning:

Sign up to http://bie.org for a plethora of PBL resources including:

  • a Project Planner
  • a Project Search Engine
  • Webinars and online training opportunities
  • resources for students
  • rubrics
  • research evidence and more!

Movie Making

Movie Making Resources – Includes “how to” presentations and handouts for making movies, commercials, public service announcements and documentaries by Sally Nadebaum.

Tips for movie making – 5 tips for producing higher quality film products by Rhoni McFarlane

SceneSequenceShotTemplate – Templates for planning shots in sequence by Rhoni McFarlane

LargeTemplateSceneSequenceShot – Large templates


Stop Motion

Stop Motion Resources – Includes a “how to” presentation and examples of stop motion movies by Sally Nadebaum



Skype in the Classroom – Presentation by Sally Nadebaum



Year 8 Pastoral Care

My Big Idea – Resources folder including presentation by Sally Nadebaum





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