Ongoing, timely feedback

Providing students with timely, ongoing and specific feedback is a key factor in progressing student learning and achievement. This type of feedback should be provided both formally and informally, and can be likened to a check-up at the doctor rather than a post-mortem report (ie: end of term reports). There are a few electronic tools to support this:

  •   Google Drive
    • Allows you to see tasks being completed in real-time and provides ongoing opportunities to comment and make suggestions to students. Students can communicate with you and revision histories can be accessed.
    • The school will be rolling out Google Classroom across all year levels and teachers in 2015. Introduce yourself to it!
    • A range of apps are also available as add-ons to your Google Drive
  • TurnItIn
    • Not only a plagiarism checker but also a portal for electronic submission of work and digital editing tools (with pre-developed editing suggestions!). Cuts the time down!

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