In the final week of each term, the team at WSS hold a TeachMeet in the Learning Hub. Staff, students and pre-service teachers feature on the schedule, each sharing something that challenged them or led to growth throughout the term (even if the risk turned out to be a flop!). This term, we had a large representation of staff sharing.

Mid-way through 2016, as I reflect on the last TeachMeet, I wonder how many members of the school community know these are happening? You see, at WSS, teachers and pre-service teachers attend the TeachMeets during scheduled meeting times and, if we are lucky, students attend too, but generally only if they are part of the presentation.

This got me thinking…

How transparent are we as a school about what happens after school, especially each Tuesday when students have an early finish time? On a grander scale, how much do students really know about what happens after hours, in school holidays, student free days and each and everyday behind the scenes? So many people contribute to the everyday operation of a school and I think it’s time we share and show our gratitude. Don’t get me wrong, WSS show and share regularly about all sorts of things, and our social media reach is experiencing rapid growth, but I see this as an opportunity, a chance to use our social media platforms to share our gratitude to everyone who helps contribute to Wirreanda Secondary School, not just in the classroom between 8.45 and 3.15.



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